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Kimberly Meyers, CPT

Kimberly Meyers, CPT

Owner, Coach

I'm Kim Meyers, founder and owner of Fitness Kinektions. I have taught group fitness since 1990 and conducted personal and organizational fitness classes since 2004. I have seen many fitness crazes and diets come and go and know that the key is consistency and becoming more educated on how the body works and being aware of the quality of food you are eating.

Fitness Kinekions is a purposeful coaching company founded on the three principles of Eating, Thinking, and Moving. Our coaching approach involves the whole person concept incorporating these principles that provide the possibility of establishing sustainable lifestyle changes. The vision is to create small daily behavior changes that become a permanent part of your lifestyle enabling you to live well and age well.

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  • I have been taking fitness classes with Kimberly Meyers for the past three years. Through her challenging water aerobics' instruction, I have improved my flexibility, my balance, and am able to stretch my joints further and more comfortably than I could previously.


What is Wellness?

Wellness: “An intentional choice of a lifestyle characterized by personal responsibility, moderation, and maximum personal enhancement of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.” 


Our Coaching style incorporates the three principles of Eating, Thinking, and Moving providing the foundational belief system to establish sustainable lifestyle changes. Find Out More...

Your Wellness Blueprint

A personal wellness blueprint is used to create awareness of, and transform the way you take care of yourself. You’re going to create your own PERSONAL HEALTH GUIDELINES. Let’s get started on the path to better health and well-being with some simple steps.


What we eat directly affects our energy levels and the bodies ability to function as it's intended design. Learn the emotional side to nutrition and start making changes to improve the value of the food you eat.

One-To-One Training

Tailored to fit each client’s individual needs as a person. You have your own physical “Blueprint” that we take into account, looking at the person as a whole, in order to provide the highest quality of safe and effective training methods. We work with all types of people of all ages and physical background.

Real People. Real Results.

As a client, I want YOU to feel comfortable and trust that I have your best interest in mind. When I watch personal trainers work with their clients at the gym, more often than not, I’m not impressed. From what I've seen, personal trainers tend to get in your face and make you feel less than you are. Finding a personal trainer who makes you feel comfortable enough to expose your biggest flaws can be challenging. But we’re called "personal" trainers for a reason -- we are there to guide you to your personal fitness goals, and to do so, we need to fit with your personality.

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