Wellness Coaching Sevices

Our services are customizable to individuals, small groups, and large groups.  They also are adaptable to small businesses who wish to add value to their employees lives.


What we eat has a direct correlation to our current health status. Learn how we incorporate this crucial element of health into coaching.


Your body hears everything your mind says. With Kookie Kutter Life coaching, you will become more aware of your subconscious beliefs and re-write them with new beliefs that are true to you.


Your body was designed for movement. You were meant to run, jump, bend, lift, and rest. With coaching, we can find the right kind of movement for your body.


Finding a Wellness Coach who makes you feel comfortable enough to expose your biggest flaws can be challenging. But we’re called Wellness "Coaches" for a reason -- I am here to guide you to your personal lifestyle goals, and to do so, we need to find what fits you. Let's connect and get your journey started today!

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Fitness Kinektions is a mobile Health and Wellness Coaching Company.
We meet you where you are at and guide you where you want to go!