Stepping to Success

Walking as a great first step toward transforming your lifestyle.  No expensive equipment needed, just a pair of good walking shoes and a pedometer.  Pedometers can be purchased almost anywhere and typically cost under $15.  Wear the pedometer every day to see how many steps you take.  Then challenge yourself to take 100 more steps a day! […]


What is so important about drinking water?

Did you know our bodies are 75% water and if you wait until you are thirsty, you are in the first stage of dehydration?  In order for the numerous reactions to take place in our bodies to support our existence, we need to give it enough water.   Check out the percentages below on the amount […]

Walking is Man’s Best Friend

“Walking is man’s best friend”       Hypocrites Low level of fitness leads to more deaths… This begs the question, “why is exercise not part of our medical communities prescriptions?”  OR the more important question is “why are we not listening to the repeated advice?”  Why do we all know we need to exercise but […]