Find Your Balance

Balance can mean many things.  It is finding the right mix between work, family, and self.  It relates to participating in a fitness routine that will promote core strength increasing your physical balance.  It also includes a mental balance and learning to take time to relax, take time to connect with you by taking a […]


12 Week Jumpstart Program Starting in September! This program is designed to provide education on nutrition, mind fitness, and resistance training each week. There will be a little homework and a lot of fun. A workbook is included and door prizes will be drawn throughout the course. Location: Forest Waters Club Board Room, 21320 Water Wood […]

Answers to Questions

Finding answers for health and wellness topics can be frustrating.  There is so much information on the internet it is hard to know where to go to get the real information.  In addition to the Mayo Clinic website and other highly accredited medial agencies,  The Sharecare website is another place to find answers to many questions.  I […]