A Few Notes on Diabetes

We hear a lot about diabetes but it can be hard to understand the basics.  Here is a short and sweet blog that explains both type 1 and type 2.  Check out the Cost of Diabetes statistics at the end.  We all could use  a bit more in our pocket and that can come from […]

What is so important about drinking water?

Did you know our bodies are 75% water and if you wait until you are thirsty, you are in the first stage of dehydration?  In order for the numerous reactions to take place in our bodies to support our existence, we need to give it enough water.   Check out the percentages below on the amount […]

Eat What You Love

“Diet” is one of the worst 4-letter words you can use! Simply drop the “t” and that’s what you’ll want to do if you go too far with restricting food. The best plan is to eat what you like—just less of it.  Your homework this weekend is to give yourself permission to eat what you […]