Fear Not

Take a moment and think about how many times you told yourself a story about what you cannot do before you even try? It may sound something like this, “I was going to start exercising but I don’t think I can be consistent.” Disqualifying what you want to do before you do it stems from […]

TRX Strong!

Have you ever tried TRX suspension training? It is great for strengthening the internal shoulder girdle muscles and core that leads to greater improvement in posture.  TRX is versatile and can go with you any where!  It is light and fits perfectly in your suitcase.  With the TRX you greatly reduce the amount of time […]

How Much Are You Spending On Diets?

Each year Americans spend over $60 Billion to lose weight!  Diet pills and meal replacements are a $3 billion market.  Popular food plans such as Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Weigh Watchers receive $3 Billion annually.  With all this healthy food being purchased makes me wonder how our country’s health is going down the toilet.  The one […]