How Much Are You Spending On Diets?

Each year Americans spend over $60 Billion to lose weight!  Diet pills and meal replacements are a $3 billion market.  Popular food plans such as Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Weigh Watchers receive $3 Billion annually.  With all this healthy food being purchased makes me wonder how our country’s health is going down the toilet.  The one […]

Why should you exercise?

Why should you exercise? Our bodies were designed to run, jump, climb, and simply be physical. They are built using caveman technology in a modern world. Our bones provide for a structure to support our muscles. Our muscles provide movement for our bones. Our skeleton won’t move without the muscles and muscle would simply be […]


Accountability is the hardest part of any weight loss journey.  I now have a great tool to keep accountability with clients to help keep eating and moving daily.   Use the below link and lets get together and get you on track!