Measure Tape vs. The Scale

A common concern of clients is whether to go by the scale or inches when determining their progress.  My response is usually, “How do your clothes fit?” and “Do you feel better and have more energy?”  These two can be hard to measure but we seem to focus on the scale, which can be disappointing […]


Reconnect, Renew, and Reset

Reconnect with yourself, renew your clarity, and reset your year. We are half way through the year and it is a good time to take a step back and evaluate where you are with the goals you set earlier this year.  At the beginning of the new year, there is a surge of energy and […]

Abdominals Strong

Do you slouch when you sit in your chair? Do you look at the ground when you walk/run?  The specific function of all our muscles is to support the skeleton and provide a means of motion.  By engaging your core muscles throughout the day you can improve your posture, reduce back pain, and breath easier.  […]