Are you causing your chronic pain?

As we age our physical posture changes due to repetitive daily activity that starts to affect the way our muscles support these activities causing compensations in our movement.  The changes are so small and happen over a long period of time that we rarely notice.  That is until one day when you look in the mirror and […]

Ditch the Resolution

Ditch the Resolution…Change your Lifestyle! It’s that time of year we are bombarded by the media about making New Year’s resolutions.  Gyms and fitness centers fill up in January with new customers and by the middle of February the regulars are still there and those who made New Year’s resolutions are gone.  The primary reason […]

three-tenths percent

What is your daily three-tenths-percent? I’ve been reading the book The Slight Edge.  I started reading it about 6 months ago but then life happened and it was set aside.  Finally while on vacation in Michigan, I started reading it again.  I’ve always believed that things happen in their own time and it was time […]