Corporate Coaching

Each business is different and our Corporate Coaching programs are tailored to the need of each company and are dependent on resources and company vision.  All programs are custom and are designed for various levels of participation.  The more participation, the better the value to you and your employees.

A healthier workforce begins with the right eating, thinking, and moving. Fitness Kinketions brings these three principles together to increase employee quality of life; reducing health related absences and health care related costs while establishing lifestyle changes at the workplace. An article in the Washington Post, published on July 4, 2011, stated:

A 2010 Harvard Business Review article found that wellness programs, of which fitness is a component, can return as much as six times their cost to the companies that sponsor them. Another 2010 review by a separate team of Harvard researchers, published in the journal Health Affairs, concluded medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs and that absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent.

Leadership teaches that the greatest resource to any organization is its human resources. By taking care of employees, employees are more able to take care of their tasks with a clear and enthusiastic mind. Adding fitness to workforce culture includes adherent “changes in behavior” that may create challenges for your team of personnel. Fitness Kinektions can help assist in overcoming these challenges. Our experience and dedication are the catalyst that creates the positive environment to give employees the incentive to Get Up, Get Moving and Get Healthy!

We at Fitness Kinektions look forward to partnering with you to help increase your employees’ health, wellness and overall productivity. Please contact us for an initial consultation to see how we can best serve your workforce.




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