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Finding answers for health and wellness topics can be frustrating.  There is so much information on the internet it is hard to know where to go to get the real information.  In addition to the Mayo Clinic website and other highly accredited medial agencies,  The Sharecare website is another place to find answers to many questions.  I am a virtual fitness coach with Sharecare and use this sight as a source of information for many of my clients.  You may be wondering, “What is Sharecare?”  It is  an interactive question-and-answer platform that allows industry experts to answer health and wellness questions.  The experts are all doctors, specialists, and elite fitness  trainers in various fields of practice who take time to answer your very personal questions.  The great part is that many experts can answer the same question providing credibility when you see multiple answers saying the same thing.  The concept was founded in 2009  and was created by Jeffrey T. Arnold (founder of WebMD) and Dr. Mehmet Oz.  Check it out here


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