Are you causing your chronic pain?

As we age our physical posture changes due to repetitive daily activity that starts to affect the way our muscles support these activities causing compensations in our movement.  The changes are so small and happen over a long period of time that we rarely notice.  That is until one day when you look in the mirror and see that you lean to one side or one shoulder is slightly higher than the other.  In many instances you may become aware after feeling chronic pain in a certain area.

I am very aware of what goes on in my body, but this happens to me from time to time.  I was experiencing some knee pain in my left knee, and as it got worse.  I was wondering why it came out of nowhere—or so it seemed. I started paying more attention to my daily activities.  I am on the go so I’m in and out of my car many times a day.  I noticed that as I got out of my car, I was relying on my left leg to pull me out of my car as I rotated my body and stood up.  This consistently put extra strain and torque on my knee constantly.  Over the next week I was very conscious about turning my body as I exited my car, using both my feet to stand.  Wouldn’t you know, my knee pain started to decrease.

As we become more and more busy we do not pay attention to how our daily activities are affecting our muscles and causing some of our nagging pains.  Take time to be conscious of how you sit at work, sit in your vehicle, walk, stand, and carry items.  You may be able to pin point activities that lead to compensations that are causing your nagging pain.  Keep in mind, a personal trainer can help you establish healthy patterns that strengthen your entire body to support your daily activities.  Check out their credentials and experience.


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