Setting Goals

These are not your mother’s goals! When it comes to setting goals for health and fitness, many people think in terms of the number of pounds they want to lose or how many dress/pant sizes they want to go down.  The thing is, once those goals are achieved, then what?  Keep setting new one’s! The […]

Eat What You Love

“Diet” is one of the worst 4-letter words you can use! Simply drop the “t” and that’s what you’ll want to do if you go too far with restricting food. The best plan is to eat what you like—just less of it.  Your homework this weekend is to give yourself permission to eat what you […]

Road Block

The biggest road block to achieving any goal usually exists with-in.   Take time to evaluate your “reasons’ behind not getting up and getting healthy.  If you really want to make a change, nothing will stand in your way…not even you!