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Beginning a physical fitness program can be frustrating at first.  Each type of physical activity requires a different set of skills that need to be learned and that may not come natural for some.  It is like your muscles are going to school to learn how to work with each other.  We went to school to learn how to read, write, and do math.  These skills are not inherited and must be learned.  It is the same with your body learning a new physical activity.  Let’s take yoga for instance.  The first time you may be stiff and not able to stretch to the extent that a pose may need to get the full benefit.  This is because your brain is learning how to communicate with your muscles and your muscles are learning how to work with each other.  This may take a couple classes to fully understand what your entire body should be doing throughout any pose in yoga or any other form of exercise.  Be patient with yourself.  The most important concept is be consistent and give yourself time to become skilled in the activity you choose.  Marathon runners don’t wake up one day and run 26 miles.  They start with the first half mile and go from there.

Suggested Goals:

Nutrition Goal:
– Substitute one snack with a healthier version (such as switch crackers with a whole grain cracker)

Physical Fitness Goal:
– REST!  Yes your body needs a rest.  It is natural to be tired as you start a new fitness routine so don’t over do it at the beginning.

Mental Goal:
– Give yourself credit for taking steps to making a lifestyle change!  It is a big commitment but so rewarding.  99% of the effort is just showing up!


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