Breathing: Oxygen is the body’s fuel source during any kind of physical activity.  It is important to breathe in a rhythmic pattern and synchronize your breathing with each exercise you perform.  While performing any exercise, exhale during the exertion.  For example, for push-ups, inhale as you lower to the floor, exhale as you press up.  As you exhale, contract your abdominal muscles inward toward your spine.  For sit-ups, inhale as you lower to the ground, exhale as the abdominal muscles are contracted to bring your body up.  For running, develop a breathing pattern of inhaling for 3 steps and exhaling for 3 steps.  This will prevent you from “panting.”  This uncontrolled breathing only expends valuable energy and reduces performance.  Remember, breathing is an involuntary action until you exercise, then it becomes a learned skill.


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