Have you ever stopped to listen to what you tell yourself?  What stories have you been defining yourself with about who you are, what you can or can’t do or be and how you make decisions?   Do you think you cannot do a chin-up because you are short, stocky and to heavy to ever […]

Getting Real

We are given one life so why not make it great! It is time to get real with your health and wellness. Are you tired of all the failed attempts to change your diet and lose weight? Have you tried every gimmick and trick out there? It is time to start a program that is […]

It’s All In Your Hands!

You have the perfect measuring tool that is with you no matter where you go…your hand. The first measurement uses your palm.  This is the portion size for your protein.  Look at the diameter of your palm and the thickness of your palm.  Ladies get to eat one palm size of protein while gentlemen get to enjoy […]