Have you ever stopped to listen to what you tell yourself?  What stories have you been defining yourself with about who you are, what you can or can’t do or be and how you make decisions?   Do you think you cannot do a chin-up because you are short, stocky and to heavy to ever accomplish just one?  Are you using old injuries to keep you from staying active?   Part of increasing your eating, thinking and moving is to discover these stories and rewrite them.  The brains memory of an injury can keep you from doing what you used to do but, it does not have to keep you from being active.  Matter of fact, staying active will help strengthen your bones, muscles, and soft tissue and help you become more resourceful in staying active inspite of getting injured.  An “all or nothing” mindset can keep you locked up.  Lets rewrite your stories and get you eating, thinking and moving toward a healthier version of you!  Call (210) 838-5699 or email


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