Ditch the Resolution

Ditch the Resolution…Change your Lifestyle!

It’s that time of year we are bombarded by the media about making New Year’s resolutions.  Gyms and fitness centers fill up in January with new customers and by the middle of February the regulars are still there and those who made New Year’s resolutions are gone.  The primary reason is that there still is the desire to lose unrealistic amounts of weight in unrealistic amounts of time.  Many people go from not exercising at all and poor nutritional habits to trying to exercise everyday of the week and totally changing their nutrition.  This can be too much change at one time and it brings on a mental and physical strain to the body.   So this year start your new year off with a realistic plan and progressive changes to work toward a healthier life.   Here are three suggested goals for you to start with.

Suggested Goals:

Nutrition Goal:
– When filling your plate put 1/3 of the serving back and eat slower

Physical Fitness Goal:
–  If you do not exercise routinely, start walking at least a half-mile. Drive a route around the neighborhood to set the course.

Mental Goal:
–  Instead of thinking you’ve totally failed because of eating a meal that is not included in your healthy eating plan.  Change your thought to, “I will do better at my next meal.”  Then do better at your next meal


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