Find Your Balance

Balance can mean many things.  It is finding the right mix between work, family, and self.  It relates to participating in a fitness routine that will promote core strength increasing your physical balance.  It also includes a mental balance and learning to take time to relax, take time to connect with you by taking a meditation class, treat yourself to a massage, or take a walk in the park.  These are just a few meanings of balance.

Over the past year in training clients who are over the age of 70, I have learned that balance is valuable to leading a free and healthy life.  The fear of falling can cause a person to stay at home or become reliant on others to take care of routine life tasks.  Keeping physically active throughout your life by adding balance to your workout routine will greatly increase the enjoyment in life as you age.

Suggested Goals:

Nutritional Goal:
– Use a smaller plate, this way you can fill your plate and it still will be less then filling a larger plate

Physical Fitness Goal:
– Mix your current exercise routine up by trying a new class or new workout.  Attend new classes 3 – 4 times to see if you really like it or not.  The first couple times may be frustrating but the more you participate, the better you will get

Mental Goal:
–  Find your “Why.”  Why should you take on a healthier lifestyle? Why should you be physically active every day?  Some reasons may be: to have the energy to run, jump, and play with your children or running, jumping and playing with your grandchildren or to get in and out of the car easier or to have more endurance to make it through the day with more energy.  Find your why!


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