How Much Are You Spending On Diets?

Each year Americans spend over $60 Billion to lose weight!  Diet pills and meal replacements are a $3 billion market.  Popular food plans such as Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Weigh Watchers receive $3 Billion annually.  With all this healthy food being purchased makes me wonder how our country’s health is going down the toilet.  The one thing I always ask when someone tells me about the “new” plan they are on is, “Can you sustain that for the rest of your life?”

This is important to understand in that these healthy changes must be permanent and not temporary.  We want weight off and we want it off now! Of course minus the work, with out the emotional changes, and it must be easy.  There is no Easy button for this people.  It is time to get real with yourself and work on making small daily changes that lead to a healthier you!   The No Excuses Accountability Course is a coaching program that; educates you on how your body works so your body will work for you, lets you experience different types of physical activity, and lays the mental foundational beliefs that are necessary in sustainment of a healthy lifestyle.

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