How to navigate holidays and Family gatherings and still reach your goals

Social gatherings can be challenging when leading a healthy lifestyle.  It is important to stay focused on “why” you are making this transition and block out the usual comments of “go ahead and eat up…it ok to splurge now and then.”  Stay focused and use the following tips for success!

Save your calories for a few treats here and there, but don’t eat something that you aren’t even that fond of.

Be mindful of what you are eating and how much.

Use a small plate and take a little bit of the dishes that interest you.  This way you get to sample various foods with smaller portions and your plate will be full.

If you’re bringing something to the gathering; bring something that you will feel good about eating, like vegetables and hummus or a fruit salad.   Try making a healthier version of a not-so-healthy favorite recipe by substituting cheese or dairy products with the reduced fat version or yogurt.  Google “recipe makeovers” and you will find many great ideas to try.    Follow this link to reach the website

Try to keep active even if you are at a family gathering – this might mean waking up early to get some exercise in, or see if your friends or family would like to go for an after-meal walk.

Finally, it is important to adjust your perspective towards social events.  Focus more on getting to know people and enjoying the company instead of focusing on all the food that will be there.


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