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It is time to get real about your wellness, and this program will help guide you to designing your best living.   This comes with no gimmicks, magic tricks, and no one-size-fits-all concepts.  This is all about YOU!

Kookie Kutters are like habits, thoughts and behaviors that determine your wellness.  We are flooded with so much false and partially true information that it is hard to know where to start and what to believe.  Well, your starting point is right here!

There are weekly behaviors to practice that build upon each other, interactions from me (your coach), lessons on proper form, discussions on how to add movement into your day, lessons on how the body works, and weekly FaceBook live video on various topics and the opportunity to ask questions.

This program takes you through small behaviors that become permanent habits-kookie kutters.  It will challenge your beliefs systems that have been created over many years.  It will inspire you to add movement in your day.  Most important, along the way you will learn how your body works and design your wellness program that fits your life.

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Finding a Wellness Coach who makes you feel comfortable enough to expose your biggest flaws can be challenging. But we’re called Wellness "Coaches" for a reason -- I am here to guide you to your personal lifestyle goals, and to do so, we need to find what fits you. Let's connect and get your journey started today!

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