Measure Tape vs. The Scale

A common concern of clients is whether to go by the scale or inches when determining their progress.  My response is usually, “How do your clothes fit?” and “Do you feel better and have more energy?”  These two can be hard to measure but we seem to focus on the scale, which can be disappointing not to mention we can gain or lose up to 4 pounds of water in a day.  To put this into perspective, 5 pounds of fat takes up the same amount of space at a 2-liter bottle.  That is a lot when all put together but those 5 pounds are spread over a large surface, your body.  When measuring progress I use all these factors together.  Taking a starting weight and measurements, recording a person’s clothes size and how much energy they feel they have.   These are all readdressed monthly.

The bottom line: focus on getting active, eating healthy and taking care of your mental fitness and the rest will come.


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