The Brain…The CEO

Think of the brain as the CEO of the entire body.  Not one action is completed without the brains direction.  These directions happen faster than a millisecond and often times we are unaware of them.  We have a part of our brain that is our conscious mind and another part that is our subconscious mind.  Many behaviors and beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind.  They are deep rooted and usually operate on autopilot.  To make a change is very difficult in that your brain (subconscious) is programmed to keep you safe…not to make you successful.  This is why is can be hard to make changes.  You must start with being aware of how you think and make conscious efforts to rewrite your beliefs.   This takes time and awareness of what thoughts fly across your mind so you can stop them in their flight path and rewrite them.  This is the heart work that has to happen before the health work sticks.

Kookie Kutter Life is the perfect program to unlock those deep seeded thoughts and rewrite them to finally move forward in living your best life.

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