three-tenths percent

What is your daily three-tenths-percent?

I’ve been reading the book The Slight Edge.  I started reading it about 6 months ago but then life happened and it was set aside.  Finally while on vacation in Michigan, I started reading it again.  I’ve always believed that things happen in their own time and it was time to get back to reading The Slight Edge.  One concept that is addressed in the book is the quest for that magic pill, the by-chance event that catapults the average person to an extraordinary person.  I felt strongly about this since in the fitness industry, so many magic tricks and quick fixes are advertised but don’t live up to their promises in the long term.  I coach people on making lifestyle changes one step at a time.  The Slight Edge finally gave me the perfect way to explain this.  It’s the daily three-tenths percent.  This is what it looks like:

“The first day you will improve 0.3 percent, so little it may be impossible to notice. The second day your improvement will be 0.6, the next day 0.9, almost a full one percent.  By the end if the year you will have improved one hundred percent.”

Mastering your life takes time, consistency, belief, and determination.

Here is a phrase that should be written on everyone’s bathroom mirror:

“Show up consistently with a good attitude over a long period of time. Have faith and a strong burning desire. Be willing to pay the price and have slight edge integrity to do those things even when no one is looking.”

What is your three-tenths-percent?

Be not afraid of going slowly.
Be afraid only of standing still.
Chinese Proverb


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