What’s In Your Flour?

Flour: What you need to know to shop smart!

Looking at labels can be confusing. There is so much information on food labels and words that you may not even be able to pronounce.  Today we are focusing on flour and helping you understand the words that would mean “put that bread back on the shelf.”  It is best to stay with 100% whole grain wheat.  Anything else means it was processed to the point that all the nutrients were taken out.  Enriched means they tried to put the nutrients that were processed out, back in.  But it is only a fraction of what was lost in processing.  Food items that have bleached and enriched flour means put it back!

Recently as I was reading the cinnamon roll label, I came across the term unbromated.  I was not familiar with what unbromated flour was so I looked it up.  What I found was another amazing fact of how we’ve taken something good and processed it with chemicals to help increase production at the expense of our health.  Bromated means the flour is treated with potassium bromate to improve dough elasticity.  This helps make the bread more durable for commercial baking and produces bread that rises higher.  However, potassium bromate is considered to be a carcinogen and can be harmful if consumed.  It is thought that the potassium bromate is burned up in the baking process.  Why take chances with your health, this is the only you you have…take care of U!

Below are websites that I used for this blog:
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