Why should you exercise?

Why should you exercise?

Our bodies were designed to run, jump, climb, and simply be physical. They are built using caveman technology in a modern world. Our bones provide for a structure to support our muscles. Our muscles provide movement for our bones. Our skeleton won’t move without the muscles and muscle would simply be a blob on the floor without our skeletons. As we’ve become more technologically advanced our lives have become more sedentary. The need for us to add purposeful movement into our day has exponentially increased.   I’ve trained a number of clients who are over the age of 70 and it is more important than ever that we keep active and maintain strong muscles to reduce the chance of weakening bones, loss of muscle mass, and stiffness of joints. This all leads to isolation and depression in our golden years.

Suggested Goals:

Nutrition Goal:

  • Carry food with you like Kashi bars or some kind of meal replacement bar. This way when you get hungry you have a healthy option with you instead of giving in and going through the drive-through

Physical Fitness Goal:

  • Lets talk shoes. When you are exercising there is a tremendous amount of strain on your feet. Make sure to purchase a good pair of training shoes. This level of shoe may cost $80 or more but your feet will love you and better quality lasts longer.

Mental Goal:

  • Don’t give up! It is hard to change lifelong behaviors but including physical activity in your day will be very rewarding.


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